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Discussion in 'General Talk Area' started by ★ ţέςħώάĻĻέţ ★, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. Sjdha oaksmi

    Sjdha oaksmi New Member

    Hi everyone! I'm excited to be here. It looks like a cool community.
  2. timajus

    timajus New Member

    hello this is timajus from Italy. Found the board looking for some cool stuff and hope to have found them here ;)
    I would like to get new friends and maybe new knowledge thanks to you!

    Have a nice time,
    King regards,
  3. AtlasEvolved

    AtlasEvolved New Member

    hi im from south asian chick hahaha nice to me ya
    is great forum for all general
  4. Kingkayode

    Kingkayode New Member

    Hey all, I'm a noob from the West Indies.
  5. blablub10

    blablub10 New Member

    Hi Guys!

    I'm Marc from Atlanta. 20 Year, interested in all tech stuff.

    Hope to have interesting discussions with you guys!

    Cya !
  6. genfryder

    genfryder New Member

    Hello everyone, happy to be and know more about this site.

    THESIB New Member

    Hi all my name is key and just came across the site. Looks good from initial view and a good place to contribute.

    Cheers THESIB
  8. WestWind

    WestWind Verified Uploader Staff Member

    WestWind here :)
  9. adya

    adya New Member

    Hi, new member in this forum.
  10. Fakhar Baloch

    Fakhar Baloch New Member

    My Name is Fakhar from Pakistan.I like this website and its admins.I also appreciate their work.These are Good men.

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