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Lynda Lynda.com Premium Account - Membership type: Yearly, your next bill date is November 03, 2018!!

Discussion in 'Udemy-Lynda Courses' started by ★ ƮƹȼɦώąŁƮ ★, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. ★ ƮƹȼɦώąŁƮ ★

    ★ ƮƹȼɦώąŁƮ ★ !!Admin!! Staff Member

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    Lynda.com is an online education company offering thousands of video courses in software, creative, and business skills. Founded in 1995, the companyproduces video tutorials taught by industry experts. Members have unlimited access to watch the videos, which are primarily educational. On April 9, 2015, LinkedIn announced its purchase of lynda.com for $1.5 billion. Based in Carpinteria, California, lynda.com has more than 500 employees worldwide, and offers instruction in English as well as German, French, and Spanish through its branded division, video2brain.


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  2. nethen55

    nethen55 New Member

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    thank you very much
  3. ijauk

    ijauk New Member

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    Thanks a lo
  4. binhminhXXI

    binhminhXXI New Member

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    Lynda.com is a great source for self-study. Thank you!
  5. aamir

    aamir New Member

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    thnks dear
  6. aamir

    aamir New Member

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    thank you very much great stuff
  7. Abayomi Oloyinde

    Abayomi Oloyinde New Member

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  8. rotaq

    rotaq New Member

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    Good and perfect post. Hope to work useful
  9. ahbaal

    ahbaal New Member

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    Thanks a lot brother
  10. dev kumar

    dev kumar New Member

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    thanks for this account
  11. Ajmal

    Ajmal New Member

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    thanks a lot
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  12. Greenman

    Greenman New Member

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    Thanks so much
  13. superman123

    superman123 New Member

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    awesome bro..as always great work...Thanks for sharing
  14. deep

    deep New Member

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  15. Nabila Cyrilla I

    Nabila Cyrilla I New Member

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    Always want to learn something new from Lynda.com!

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