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Torrent Leecher ZbigZ.com | Premium Torrent Leecher | Premium Account 2018 Openly Posted - Techwalt.net!!

Discussion in 'Torrent To Direct' started by ★ ƮƹȼɦώąŁƮ ★, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. ★ ƮƹȼɦώąŁƮ ★

    ★ ƮƹȼɦώąŁƮ ★ !!Admin!! Staff Member

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    ZbigZ Torrent Leecher Premium Account
    - 2018!

    Hello Buddies, Hope you all are fine and enjoying this beautiful forum! So, Today I am sharing a Zbigz Premium Account with my forum's members openly without any survey. Most of the people already know What the Zbigz is and what Premium Account of Zbigz do. Everybody want to download torrent files with IDM as uTorrent (or Bit Torrent etc) gives very low speed. Zbigz premium account is the best option which gives to the freedom to download your favourite Torrent using IDM. So, you can increase the downloading speed of Torrent by downloading torrent files via IDM.

    Zbigz Premium Account Features :-

    1. Download Torrent File at Unlimited Speed without any Limit only using Zbigz Premium Account.
    2. Leech & Download your favourite Torrent files without any size limit.
    3. You will get maximum speed which your ISP is providing you (i.e. depending upon your Internet Speed).
    4. Fully Resume supported. Download your Torrent anything and you can also Pause & Resume is Later.
    5. Premium Account of Zbigz gives Full Caching Speed.
    6. You can call it Torrent to Direct and even Torrent in IDM.
    7. You can even stream Video or Music Directly.
    8. Store Unlimited Numbers of Files in the Zbigz Premium Profile.
    9. And Much More.....
    Zbigz Premium Account Proof :-


    ZbigZ Premium Account Details :

    Link - https://zbigz.techwalt.net/

    Login Details :
    UnHidden Content:
    Hidden Content:
    **Hidden Content: You must click 'Like' before you can see the hidden data contained here.**
    Please don't change password and don't share to anyone, anywhere, anytime..
    If someone changed the password, let me know in the comments below, i will update pass as soon as POSSIBLE..

    Last edited: Jan 26, 2018
  2. CarryMinati

    CarryMinati New Member

    • Member
    Thanks Bro, Working :)
  3. drag

    drag New Member

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    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, 2018
  4. Ajay Pilaniya

    Ajay Pilaniya New Member

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    Checking now!!!
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  5. Arjunan

    Arjunan New Member

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  6. ichangagah

    ichangagah New Member

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    i hope its working
  7. Ady Mega

    Ady Mega New Member

    • Member
    nice share
  8. m.azri

    m.azri New Member

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  9. donny ajuz

    donny ajuz New Member

    • Member
    thx for share and hope acc still work
  10. Destroyer

    Destroyer New Member

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  11. Flash911

    Flash911 Well-Known Member

    • Member
    As always working account.Thanks
  12. aiocr

    aiocr New Member

    • Member
    thanks for sharing
  13. Kacang Edamame

    Kacang Edamame New Member

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    thanks a lot man
  14. Vaibhav

    Vaibhav New Member

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    hope its working as always
  15. Lokman

    Lokman New Member

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    newbie here, need to reply to see hidden content

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